Process and Time Line

We plan to form working groups for each sub area of the UV/O/IR polarimetry subject during the spring of 2017, formalize these and invite participation during the spring and summer and then meet to review the status of the field and hear from the working groups at the Santa Cruz Workshop. At the workshop we will then discuss the path from there to the submittal of the White Papers to the 2020 Decadal Survey.

  • January 2017 (AAS Winter Meeting, Grapevine, TX)
    Announce the workshop and solicit working group subject proposals
  • June 2017 (AAS Summer Meeting, Austin, TX)
    – Announce formation/selection of working group Chairs and core membership
    – Solicit workshop presentation on the current status and near-term developments in the field
  • October 2017 (Santa Cruz Workshop)
    – Review the “mid-Decadal” status of UV/O/IR polarimetry and pending developments and projects
    – Review reports of the working groups
    – Discuss and organize the generation of white papers to the 2020 Decadal